Racing in Viken on 17 July

The local yacht club, Wikens Båtselskap (WBS) and organised a day of racing for the OK class. We piggybacked on the local youth cup “Kullen Cup” to share the crew of volunteers on land and on the water.

Eight visiting sailors join the 11 locals that made up the 19 boat strong fleet lunching swiftly after the skippers meeting at 09:45. The weather was amazing and we had a nice and steady breeze of 5-7 m/s from the north east. The air and water temperature was Mediterranean due to a heatwave over the Scandinavian countries. It was simply a smashing day to go OK racing!

During the course of the day we manged four tight races, each approximately 30 min long and full of tight situations and fun racing for everyone. We had the pleasure of having the seasoned OK sailors Thomas Hansson-Mild joined by Niklas Elder. They proved to be the pair to beat with Benjamin Hammerö to finish of the top 3.

Start of 3:rd race

We had intended to run a training camp on Sunday but decided to call if off when a weather front moved in and pushed the wind gusts to 12-13 m/s. Thomas Hansson-Mild held an on the land session with many eager participants.

On the land session with the No.1 ranked Thomas Hansson-Mild on 18 July

A big thank to all volunteers that made this weekend fun and memorable, especially Michael Hammerö, Lars Lind and Per Thorin for the great course and running the on water show with perfection in every detail!

Warm appreciations for our sponsors, Per i Viken for the prices, UP Hallen for the after race hot dogs and condiments and Benjamin for the cold beers.

We hope to see and even bigger turn out in a years time and until then wish everyone a great summer and happy OK racing!

Practice & race update

Weather permitting we have on the water practice Wednesdays 18:00 and Saturdays 10:00. During the summer we try to sail as much as possible. If yir want WhatsApp notifications please leu us know.

Racing [NEW]
Sailor from the OKWiken fleet plan to race the following regattas:

  • 17 July – WBS Kullen Cup. One day home
    regatta in Viken hosted by Vikens Båselskap.  [link]
  • 7 Aug – Solroed One Day  [link]
  • 27-29 Aug – Danish championship in Keretminde [link]

New OKWiken kit

The test collection of the new OKWiken kit, courtesy of Pelle. Will be on show on the Easter weekend. We will look smart this season!

2020 Kieler Woche

Finally, on the road again! It’s not a statement that you had expected from sailors but after being refrained from racing a whole season it’s a nice feeling to be on the move.

Benjamin with the boats loaded and ready to drive from Viken at 06.00 in the morning on September 9. SWE 72, SWE 101 & SWE 2871

Kieler Woche was the first “real” regatta where the OK sailors from Viken manage to end up above the Covid-19 cut of participants. 50 boats was the maximum at this event, not because of the social distancing on the water but the space available on land! In total we were 6 Swedish boats that made it all the way to Kiel. The organisers were meticulous in their preparations. We all had to fill out forms and read instructions on what to keep in mind before, during and after the event. Needless to say, nothing was left unaddressed by the organiser and face mask were up from entering the gates until the boats were afloat. Once registered we had a badge giving access to the race area, a Covid-19 GPS bracelet tracking all our whereabouts and an arm band to check in and out when leaving the slip to go racing.

Day 1 – Thursday

Planned start of racing on day 1 was 13:00. With 5-6 nm of sailing before reaching race area KILO the organiser sounded the horn which signal that it was our time to launch at about 11:00. The sun was shining and the winds were beginning to build. As we were sailing towards the Kieler Bucht light house on the horizon the wind increased to a nice and steady breeze of about 10-15 knots. As the wind came over land it was a bit nervous with shifts and varying strength which would cater for competitive racing. We were sharing the race area with the Finns and they started ahead of us. After a few general recalls the regatta was finally under way!

Sailing was competitive and close. Mads Bendix was the leader at the end of day 1 with two firsts and a second. Best placing Swedes were Thomas and Benjamin.

Day 2 – Friday

The second day of racing started very much like day 1. Calm winds in the harbour and a nice warmth when the sun broke through the clouds. The flag on shore indicated that we would race on area KILO again. The routine was the same with the difference that the first start was scheduled for 12.00. Also this day the wind can from the SW and gradually increased as we sailed out to the race area. When the start sequenced commenced the wind had reached a steady 20 knots and three races were scheduled. A few boats decided to call it the day already before first start while other left to sail towards the harbour after a race or two. By 14 – 14:30 the wind had stabilise at 22-24 knots with gusts of 28 knots.

Mads Bendix once again showed his skills and proved that the day 1 results was by no means a coincidence. He repeated day 1 and scored two firsts and a second. The best performing Swedes were Thomas and Patric.

Mads Bendix was unstoppable also Day 2

Day 3 – Saturday

With winds forecasted to stay in the range of 20-30 knots we knew racing would be tough. The start was scheduled for 11:00 and with the precision we had gotten used to the signal to launch was sounded and we all got under way. That is, a few had already decided to stay on shore and save the body from getting beat up again. The sail to race area KILO was swifter than the previous days as the wind had increased earlier than the two previous days. The Finns started before the OK fleet and got a clear to go at their first attempt. Our start followed without hesitation and what would later become the last day of racing was under way. By the end of the day most boats including some of the top scoring boats had ended up capsized. The heavy wind took its toll and a few of us decided to head for shore before the last race. The high and gusty winds didn’t allow for any relaxation and the race towards the harbour for dry clothes and food proved as challenging as the racing in it self.

Bo Petersen was the winner of the day, scoring a first and a second, in the heavy winds. Best Swedes were were once again Thomas and Patric.

Bo Petersen – mastered the tough conditions best of all sailors on Day 3

Day 4 – Sunday

After three days off tough racing and even more wind expected on day 4 an unanimous decision to end the regatta after 8 great races was taken. A few of the top placing sailors started packing up and everyone followed suit. There was no Day 4 in this year’s Kieler Woche! Mads Bendix was the winner, followed by André Budzien and Thomas Hansson-Mild placing third.

Final top 15 results

The organisation of Kieler Woche is impeccable and its a regatta that every sailor with ambitions need to have take part in. Next time we all line up at the start we hope that the Covid-19 pandemic is something in the past and more sailor have the possibility to go racing and experience the great camaraderie in the OK dinghy class.

Auf wiedersehen Kiel!

Racing in Solröd Denmark

August 1, 2020

Three sailors made it across the Öresund bridge for a one day regatta in Solröd, south of Copenhagen. Boats were launched from the beach and racing took place only a few hundered meters away from the shore. The shallow water and wind reaching 6-7m/s provided best possible racing conditions with challenging chop upwind and good surf downwind. The race course was a classic Neapel and the reaching element was a welcome return for many of us.

SWE 215 getting ready for beach launch

The local sailing club, Solröd Strand Sejlklub, did an excellent job keeping up the pace and catering for tight racing. As most of us were eager to get away in one of the first opportunities to race this year, there were a few restart and back flag. For some of us it proved disastrous, but great learning!

Successful OK weekend in Viken – July 18-19

The latest OK fleet in Sweden arranged a weekend of sailing amid the Covid-19 pandemics. A day of racing arranged by WBS on Saturday and a training camp with a gate start and a simple two mark course on Sunday.

Photo: Sara Gäbel
Beautiful conditions in Viken

4 boats joined from the west coast joined the 7 locals. Three races were sailed under clear blue skies and moderate southerly winds. Thomas H-M won all three races tightly followed by the locals Benjamin Hammerö and Christian Scharup.

The winner gets all the tomatoes

On Sunday the sailing continued with more tight racing. The short distance from launching the boat until race start catered for maximum amount of time on the water to polish the skills. Once on shore everyone concluded that it was a successful weekend!

Big thanks to WBS (Vikens Båtselskap) for arranging the race and to our friends from the west coast for driving down!