Christmas day regatta – 2020

Eleven boats had indicated an interest to join our Christmas day morning regatta. Once in the harbour we found the boat covers white with frost from the overnight temperature drop. The main sheets needed some work before they would run freely and we could soon count ten OK and one laser dinghy on the slip and a handsome gathering of astounded spectators. Everyone were asking them selves, how cold will it be once on the water!

A frosty morning on the dock

Last year on Boxing day, four brave sailors set sail on a misty morning! This year we can clearly say that we have started a tradition! Will we be able to double the number of participants next year?

As we left the harbour the bleak December sun was rising above the horizon and gave a faint sensation of warmth in the face, fingers still cold as they were gripping the cold lines. The wind came out the North / Northeast and the gate start got under way at the red marker in the direction of Elsinore castle. The red navigation marker south of the Viken pier served as top mark, with a large crowd gathered on land.

First downwind leg of the day – racing towards the sun

Back on land after almost three hours of sailing and five good races, all agreed that we had picked the best day! Or did the day pick us? We concluded that we could have stayed out longer but other duties were lining up! No one commented about it being cold and everyone looked forward to the next time we can go sailing!

A special and warm welcome to Otto, who dramatically impacted the average age of the sailors on this day. We hope to see many more sailor of all ages join us in Viken.

The winner takes it all

Patric Mure was presented with the price for placing first. The 1/2 model was built and donated by our patron Christer Malmström. Big congratulations to Patric and big thanks to Christer from all the sailors and spectators on this beautiful Christmas day.

Photos taken by Per Lindvall and Sara Gäbel