OKWiken.se sailors are getting noticed

The updated OK dinghy world ranking was published by OKDIA and if featured honorable mention of two OKWiken sailors: Patric Mure for placing third at the UK nationals in July and Benjamin Hammerö for his third place in the Warenmünde also in July.

Full details on the ranking can be found here

Dress rehearsal for OK Worlds

The third annual club championship took place on 23 July. The weather was overcast with a squalls and light winds. The conditions were challenging for the fleet and a good rehearsal for the upcoming OK Worlds. The first place was won by Stefan Jeanson from Varberg with an undisputed three first places. The best OK Wiken sailor was Benjamin Hammerö who was crowned club champion at the evening festivities. Once again a successful day on the water outside Viken. Big thanks to all the volunteers who made it all happen!

OKWiken prepares for the 2022 Worlds

There is frantic activities on the water outside Viken. Casual onlookers claimed that where ever you look, there is an OK dinghy – those sailors are truly dedicated! An impressive 14% of the participants at the Worlds are from the OKWiken fleet.

Gate start with Patric Mure in his new Synergy Evolution on port tack