OK dinghy sailors with the home base in Viken

Benjamin Hammerö – SWE 72
Pontus Gäbel – SWE 101
Tomas Franzén – SWE 215

Pelle started sailing the Jolly Scott and bought is first OK in 1968 with sail number S-1180. He started racing with the “big boys” in Viken 1970 and bought his second OK, S 2180 in 1971. Raced intensively in the OK and Laser S 5446. Joied the Navy and sailed with allowance and won the Nordics in 1977. After years of sailing keel boats Pelle is back in the OK dinghy again, First with a Kölhede SWE 2799 and since 2020 in the band new SWE 2865 built by Härngren.

Pelle Weimenhög – SWE 2865

Pontus Gäbel – SWE 101