About Viken

Viken is a small fishing village on the northern coast of the Öresund strait. It is the beautiful home to WBS, Vikens Båtselskap, the local yacht club. You can find most of what you need in the little village which grows dramatically in size during a few short summer months.

For boating

There is a slip for launching boats as well as possibilities for guest moorings

WBS – Vikens Båtselskap: https://www.vikensbs.se/

Vikens Hamn: https://vikenshamn.se

Local weather: https://vikenshamn.se/vikenväder-28479699

For eating

There are several good restaurants within walking distance from the harbour.

Hamnplan 9: https://www.hamnplan9.se/#home-section

Kunts Fru Ann: https://knutsfruann.se/

For breakfast and baked goods, please visit Bygatan – the “high street” of Viken.

Conditori Öresund: https://www.conditorioresund.se