It is Christmas day 2021 and we are on land!

Our traditional Christmas sailing at risk!

We all woke up to a a beautiful Christmas day morning with crisp dry air and a forecast indicating sun. At ten o´clock we could see the bleak December sun rising above the horizon, but not strong enough to have an impact on the temperature. The thermometer was parked at -7 C. The launching ramp was slippery with frost and there was a thin layer if thin overnight ice in the inner harbour.

A few strong and able men could not beat the elements, we all remained on land and enjoyed them sun, which somehow managed to radiate some warmth.

Winter has come to OKWiken

After two warm winters in Viken the first snow covered the village in a soft white blanket. It looks like a picture perfect post card, but sailing is becoming more difficult. As we are all looking forward to our now traditional Christmas day regatta, we will follow the weather patterns closely as it develops.

Seasons greetings from OKWiken