We did not make the cut to sail DM, so we put together our own VM

In these Covid-19 times there are restrictions on number of participants in a sports event as we are all well aware of. Some of the OKViken sailors had planned to join the Danish Championships (DM) but when the numbers of participants allowed still remain below 100 we all missed out. To get back on the water and race we created our own VM – “Viken Mästerskap” aka the “Viken Worlds”.

Roll call in the morning of August 15. All photos are courtesy of © Anders Bjurö
Beautiful morning and light winds

The one day racing took place on August 15 in light winds and blazing sun. We managed 5 tight races with lots of actions on the water.

Pelle and his new beauty!
Tomas in SWE 215

Even if the racing was thight, Benjamin managed to score four 1:st when discarding one and Thomas had the most persistent performance with five 2:nd places. A special welcome to Håkan, the latest addition to the OK fleet in Viken. The total results:

1 – Benjamin Hammerö
2 – Tomas Franzén
3 – Christian Schaarup
4 – Håkan Söderberg
5 – Pontus Gäbel
6 – Pelle Wejmenhög
7 – Per Thorin
8 – Thomas Uziel
9 – Jonas Jemt
10 – Oliver Uziel (who unfortunately had to retire due to equipment failure)

Benjamin in SWE 72 – the winner of the one day event

We would like to thank all the volunteers that made it all happen! We were supported by a small and dedicated crew. Joachim Hammerö and Kristian Resvik ran the start and finishing with great precision. Master of ceremony, Stefan Edefäll was also in charge of the course while Anders Bjurö took amazing photos!

Stefan lead the team arranging the one day event

See you on the water soon again!

Racing in Solröd Denmark

August 1, 2020

Three sailors made it across the Öresund bridge for a one day regatta in Solröd, south of Copenhagen. Boats were launched from the beach and racing took place only a few hundered meters away from the shore. The shallow water and wind reaching 6-7m/s provided best possible racing conditions with challenging chop upwind and good surf downwind. The race course was a classic Neapel and the reaching element was a welcome return for many of us.

SWE 215 getting ready for beach launch

The local sailing club, Solröd Strand Sejlklub, did an excellent job keeping up the pace and catering for tight racing. As most of us were eager to get away in one of the first opportunities to race this year, there were a few restart and back flag. For some of us it proved disastrous, but great learning!